Vintage Frames


The trend board presents movie stills, old movie reels, and different ‘frames’
to display the theme of “Vintage Frames”.  The concepts used were from romantic movies,
old and new, such as the original Dirty Dancing, and The Notebook. The inital stills, or pictures,
were transformed and recolored to have a vintage, or grainy look to them, to incorporate
and display the “distilled world” and how we see it. It involves imagery from the
classic Dirty Dancing and the modern Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights to display
how different the same movie can be. Therefore the use of unique, vintage-looking sunglasses were intergrated to enhance how people, throughtout the world, see and interpret things differently. Throughtout the concept board, one can observe the directions of their eyes. For example, Kiera Knightly looks as if she is looking at Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, centered, as if she was present during that time. This line was created to have a slight twist on classical work wear because “Vintage Frames” exemplifies how classic items,
new or old can have a modern, vintage twist.

Photoshop, Illustrator